Looking for some cool treats this summer that you can enjoy while sticking with a gluten and dairy-free diet?

Check out Warm Days, Cool Treats: A Gluten & Dairy-free Ice Cream Guide.

Inside this ebook, we'll cover:

  • the basics of dairy-free ice cream
  • the basics of gluten-free ice cream
  • brands of gluten and dairy-free ice cream
  • brands of dairy-free ice cream bars
  • brands of gluten-free ice cream cones
  • brands of gluten-free sprinkles
  • what to look for when you go out for ice cream
  • PLUS get answers on other cool treats & how they fit into this diet like froyo, sorbet, sherbet, and gelato

You're going to love keeping cool this summer and shortcut your time scouring the aisles for options that work for you and your gluten & dairy-free diet!

Note: this product is 100% digital and you will receive one .zip compressed file containing two PDF's after checkout. Since it is digital in nature and is delivered immediately, this product is non-refundable.